42 Cup Percolator Style Coffee Maker Method**

Two 64oz bottles of cranberry juice
6 cups apple cider
6 cups dry red wine
1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup apricot flavored brandy
4oz. (1 cup) Bisschopswijn Mulling Spices

Combine the cranberry juice, apple cider and red wine in the coffee maker reservoir. Place the brown sugar and Bisschopswijn spices in the basket of the coffee maker. You may use a paper filter but it is not necessary. Brew the mixture. When the brewing is complete add the apricot flavored brandy. Pour the hot Bisschopswijn into mugs and serve with a Cinnamon Stir Stick. Makes twenty-eight 8oz. cups.

You can use the same recipe and brew the mixture in a large stock pot. Use the brewing method under the basic Bisschopswijn recipe.

This is still our favorite way to brew a batch of Bisschopswijn. We like the simplicity of this method. We also like the idea of the spices being constantly being basted by the hot liquid during the brewing process. Often you can use less spices when brewing with this method.